Source noise level for Brian Blessed anyone!

So, I hoped I’d win the noise assessment work for the outdoor amphitheatre in the grounds of Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw, near Llanbedrog, Gwynedd, and I did…YAY, what a lovely little job!  But these lovely esoteric jobs, the ones that make this job really fun to do, create a whole different set of problems.

So, now  I have to establish a potential ‘source noise level’ for an outdoor performance; could be a classic bit of Shakespeare, or an operatic performance – source noise levels for Brian Blessed or Kiri anyone?! And that’s not the half of it; performers who ‘project’ well are not necessarily reresentative of the ‘average’ performance. It would be a tad harsh to penalise the operators and all performers/performances by taking the worst-case situation as being typical of a performance.

Perhaps this is one of those jobs that one shouldn’t think too deeply about; at the end of the day, whatever the actual noise ‘level’ most will probably appreciate the noise of a live perfomance, whilst a few will not, and there’s nowt you can do about that!

On the technical assessment side of things, the key is going to be whatever fulfils the local planning authority’s wishes – mercenary? perhaps.