About me….

A little introduction….Mike Potts, freelance Environmental Noise and Vibration Consultant (Owner and Director of Echo Acoustics Ltd), based in Manchester, UK.  Over 10 years experience including working for Manchester City Council Env Health Dept and private sector experience with Atkins and Royal Haskoning. Before all that I was a police officer with Greater Manchester Police for 6.5 years – I’ve certainly seen some sights!

In that time I’ve seen and done a great deal; most recently I’ve worked on an oil rig, on a marine survey support vessel, at the top of a wind turbine and down a Welsh mine, 1100m under the sweet soil of Wales no less!! Pretty cool. I have provided Expert Witness services on noise at Public Inquiry..pretty varied really.

Loving being self-employed which allows me to do recently interesting work whilst having the freedom to decide who I speak to, when I do things and how I do them….it’s such a breath of fresh air.

Personally…married, two kids and soon to be the owner of an English Springer Spaniel puppy…uh oh!


About echoacoustics
Independent environmental noise and vibration consultancy; we offer customer-focused, value-added environmental noise and vibration surveys and assessments for Development Planning, EIA, Environmental Permitting and any other issue where environmental noise and vibration interact with people, places and eco-systems

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